Snuff – A 360 VR Audio Story – Now Available!

You wake up in an unfamiliar place. There are other people with you, all of them equally confused and frightened. You’re penned in by walls of glass so tall that they’re impossible to climb. Beyond, is the immense living space of a giant.

Normally, giants hardly ever paid attention to your kind as long as you stayed out of their way, content to let you scurry about beneath them living off their scraps. But as the two giantesses enter, you realize that they have a sinister purpose in mind for all of you.

One of them holds a camera. You see the massive lights, and the table that serves as a makeshift stage. The other giantess steps up onto it in bare feet before reaching for you.

You’re going to star in a crush video… as the victims.

  • 22 minutes of POV in 4k 360 VR
  • See through the eyes of each victim, and hear the giantess’ booming voices and bone-rattling footsteps
  • Written & Illustrated by SorenZer0
  • Professional narration and voice acting by April Would

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