Blazed – 360 VR Story – Now Available!

You live in a world of giants, “borrowing” scraps and supplies without their knowledge. They have no idea that your kind exist. Naturally, you prefer to stay hidden, but you’ve run out of food, and desperation has led you to take risks.

You and your companions find yourselves in a dank basement. It’s occupied by two young women, but there’s food in easy reach. You hope that the girls are too busy getting high to notice you.

But one of them spots you. They’re unsure of what you are at first, but their curiosity quickly turns into teasing and taunting as they play with you. You and your friends are completely helpless against the relentless bullying at their hands and feet, and you soon find out what it’s like to be at the mercy of two giant girls who only care about having fun.

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