Match – Comic & Audiobook – Now Available!

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In a mixed-size world, where Miniature people and those of ‘normal’ size coexist, two women bond over their shared sadistic desires.
Lyndsey and Madeline couldn’t appear to be more different. Lyndsey is a pink-haired punk with a troubled past, and Madeline is prim and sunny from a privileged upbringing. But they have at least one thing in common: the sensual urge to hurt, torture, and crush Miniature people.

  • Miniature people are caught in the lustful crossfire of a new romance!
  • Vore, crush, murder, and sex with all the risk and rush of doing it in public!
  • 57 illustrations over 39 pages written and illustrated by SorenZer0!
  • 16 minute audiobook by professional voice actress April Would!

The full text of the story is available to read for free here!

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