Je Ne Sais Quoi – 4k 360 VR – Now Available!

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You never suspected you might have the Shrinking Disease, and you especially didn’t expect it to manifest while on vacation. And to make things worse, you don’t speak the local language.

Paris, France: the city of light and love, and where you’ve suddenly found yourself shrunk to mere inches. You’ve been captured by a pair of young women and taken back to their apartment.

You remember seeing news articles and trending videos of people torturing and killing Shrinkies for fun and ‘likes’ on social media. You don’t understand the words of the booming conversation going on above you, but you can only hope that your captors aren’t talking about doing just that.

You ask if they speak English, if they can help you contact your family, but a flick to the head from a finger larger than your whole body is your answer. They talk down to you, giving you a command that you don’t understand. Your lack of comprehension only makes them more vicious. They demean and punish you like a disobedient animal, until your struggle to communicate becomes a fight for survival. Will you learn how to be obedient in time?

  • Be treated like an animal by a pair of haughty French girls!
  • 22 minutes of POV in 4k 360 VR!
  • 99 illustrations by SorenZer0!
  • Professional voice acting by Dangerous ASMR!
  • Includes the full script, with translation of French dialogue!

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