The Ritual – 4k 360 VR – Available Now!

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You are a fairy, living a peaceful and sheltered existence in the forest, far from the human city. You’ve never even seen a human before, knowing it’s best to stay away from them, but tonight, you’ll find out just how dangerous they can be.

The sun has set, and you and Fiona have wandered far from the Fairy colony for the chance to spend a romantic evening together. Sitting on a low branch, you feel the moment has finally arrived, when an ominous shadow makes Fiona’s eyes widen in fear. Neither of you have time to react as she’s suddenly grabbed by a massive hand.

You turn to see a pair of human girls. Both of them are enormous to you, clad in all black and adorned in metal spikes and studs and skulls. One of them reaches for you. You take to the air, but they’re too fast and too big to escape from. They trap you in a glass jar, laughing and tapping on its walls with black-painted fingernails larger than your head.

As if they weren’t frightening enough, you discover that they think fairies are magical and intend to use you as an ingredient in a dark ritual. They want your blood, and they intend to take it in the most painful of ways.

  • Be a fairy captured by a pair of terrifying goth girls!
  • 22 minutes of POV in 4k 360 VR!
  • 115 illustrations by SorenZer0!
  • Professional voice acting by April Would!

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