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Runaways – 4k 360 VR Story – Now Available!

Get it here: Gumroad or GiantessKatelyn The world is in ruins. Conquered by a sadistic and relentless power: Her… Everything that remains has been reduced to mere playthings for her amusement, doomed to a fleeting life at the feet of their new Goddess. Desperate to be free of her cruel tyranny, you and five others decide to make an escape. And through…

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Machina Ex Dea – 360 VR Story – Now Available!

Get it here! Gumroad or GiantessKatelyn You’ve been selected for a unique opportunity to take part in a technological breakthrough. And getting paid a five-figure paycheck, plus royalties, for a simple and harmless procedure: you’re going to have your mind copied and uploaded into an android body.  But what becomes of your consciousness once your brain is scanned? It doesn’t…

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