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Snuff – A 360 VR Audio Story – Now Available!

You wake up in an unfamiliar place. There are other people with you, all of them equally confused and frightened. You’re penned in by walls of glass so tall that they’re impossible to climb. Beyond, is the immense living space of a giant.

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Katie, Episode 5 – Now Available!

The story continues! Picking up immediately after the end of Episode 4, Episode 5 introduces a new batch of Littles to Katie’s ownership, including one that will shake up Katie and Eric’s tenuous and deadly relationship. But will it be for better or worse? Find out here, on Gumroad! Or from GiantessKatelyn! All previous episodes and more can be found…

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Beneath – Now Available!

It’s finally here! My latest collab with Miss Kaneda and our new friend Brook, who is giving our characters a real-life voice for the first time in a full 30 minute audiobook!

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